Intro to Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the art and craft of communication using visual means:

  • Graphic Designers combine images, such as photographs and illustrations with text to communicate ideas
  • Great design displays creativity and purpose, combining type, image and message to create understanding in the audience
  • Great graphic design uses principles of art, design, typography to appeal to an audience
  • Increasingly, graphic designers must be able to design interactive content as well as static publications

Assignments and Assessment

Students in this course start by developing a banner graphic and layout for a web site portfolio. This portfolio is ongoing throughout the course.

Students continue to add to the portfolio as they complete:

  1. Portfolio Home Page
  2. Package Design
  3. Block Print Illustration
  4. Event Handbill
  5. Portfolio Content Pages

These major assignments will form 70% of the course mark.

The other 30% of the final mark will come from weekly progress checks. These checks may include screen grabs, sketches or other design planning documents, or written assignments


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