1. What is the internet?

  2. What is a server?

  3. What is a website?

  4. What is the structure of a

  5. What is a browser?

  6. What are links and URLs?

  7. What is HTML?

  8. What is HTML5?

  9. What is a tag?

  10. What image file types are used
    for web pages?

  11. What is CSS?

  12. What is javascript?

  13. What is a data driven website?

  14. What is php/MySQL?

  15. What is a media rich site?

  16. What is an applet/widget?

  17. What is a plugin?

  18. What is a flexible website?

  19. What is an accessible website?

  20. What is a scaleable website?

  1. What is excellent typography?

  2. What is excellent layout?

  3. What is excellent illustration?

  4. What is compelling imagery?

  5. What is excellent graphic

  6. What is negative space?

  7. What is readability?

  8. What is legibility?

  9. What are the elements of

  10. What are the principles of art?

  11. What is visual perception?

  12. What is gestalt theory?

  13. What is a target audience?

  14. What is a design process?

  15. What is the history of art and graphic design?

  16. How does the current human experience connect with graphic design?


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