Your first assignment is to design a container for a liquid product.This product can be any NON-ALCOHOLIC consumer project such as a soft drink, or perfume.

Your container design must reveal the liquid inside it in some way.

Your container must have a product label including a product logo, on the bottle

Your design must feature examples of at least 3 of the following modelling techniques

  1. Extrude NURBS
  2. Lathe NURBS
  3. Loft NURBS
  4. Sweep NURBS
  5. Boolean
  6. Polygon Modelling with HyperNURBS

All objects must be textured with materials

Your model must be placed in a setting including a background(a floor object and sky recommended), and 3D text of the product name.

The scene must include 3 point lighting

A camera must be positioned to present the scene emphasizing the sense of 3D space.

A rendered .psd file of the image at a minimum of 800px x 600px, 200ppi.


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