In fine art, illustration, animation, motion graphics and special effects, a powerful new method is available to artists and designers. This tool is the creation of images that create the illusion of 3D space. The tools of the trade for this new technique are modelling tools such as Cinema4D.

These tools give artists the potential to create their own universes to play with, as each new skill set mastered allows for news areas of creativity.

The drawback of course is the complexity of the tools, and the steep learning curve required to master them.


In the area of illustration, 3D graphics allow for the artists to create imaginative images with astounding lighting effects, tones, textures, blending fantasy with reality.

These imaginative images require complex procedures to create. Artists and designers entering the realm of 3D graphics must begin with basic procedures, then add complexity as they continue to practise.


There is a typical work flow to the creation of 3D graphics:

  1. Sketch-Like any illustration the image starts with sketch.
  2. Model-The shapes of objects are created from polygons.
  3. Textures-Color,and qualities such as texture, reflection, transparency, etc., are applied to objects, using Materials.
  4. Lighting-3D Graphics depend greatly on the ability of the software to recreate the visual effects of natural and artificial light.
  5. Effects-The additions of special visual effects such as particles enhances visual interest and the appearance of three dimensional space.
  6. Render-The final step of the process, rendering is the creation of color output, in a file or print out. There are many different styles of rendering, varying from super realistic, with many detailed lighting effects, to cartoon style rendering which creates flat colors and outlines.



Before attempting the bottle project you need to watch intro videos in the Getting to Know Cinema4D section of the Cinema4D Release 3D Help menu.

We will watch these movies and run through some practise exercises in class


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