Game Design – Final Exam

What is a Video Game?  Video Game Final Exam

Answer the following questions regarding video games?

  1. What is a game? (1-2 paragraphs NOT JUST ABOUT VIDEO GAMES)
  2. What is a video game? (1 paragraph specifically about video games)
  3. When were video games invented? What were they like?
  4. What are some similarities and differences between video games and traditional types of play, such as board games, card games, sports? (Bullets points acceptable at least ten)
  5. List 5 events you consider are the most important events in the history of video games, and why you think they are important. (Bulleted points acceptable, at least 5, with reasons)
  6. Describe a favorite game (not necessarily video games) you have enjoyed playing and why you enjoyed it. (2 paragraphs)
  7. Describe a game (not necessarily video games) you have played and did not enjoy. Why didn’t you like it? (2 paragraphs)
  8. In current video game development describe the role of:
    • Story
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Programming
  9. Define these terms in reference to playing video games:
    • Genre – list at least 10 examples
    • Platform – list at least 10 examples
    • Controller – list at least 5 examples
    • Graphic User Interface(GUI)
    • User Experience
  10. Define these terms in reference to building video games:
    • Object Oriented Programming
    • Sprite
    • Level
    • 2D Graphics
    • 3D Models
    • Programming Language – Define and give 3 examples
    • Script
    • Class
    • Variable
    • Variable scope
    • Function – Define the word and describe what is meant by “calling a function”;
  11. List and describe at least 5 separate specialist jobs related to Game Design, and what their role is in the game design process.
  12. What is an Indie Game?
  13. List at least 5 Game Studios (large or small) located in Canada, and at least one game company located in Winnipeg.
  14. What is the Winnitron?

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  1. nonfic7ional1cted Says:

    I am a teacher who is teaching a similar unit to this. Any chance of collaborating / sharing resources??

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